I’m Guy Stephens (@guy1067) and ‘beingguy1067’ is a place for me to write my random musings on social customer care.

I feel privileged that my career has co-incided with the emergence of social, and as such the last few years have definitely been a period of exploration for me. A period in which so much is being re-examined and re-engineered: the way we work, the way we communicate, the fact that each one of us has the possibility to create, curate and share content at any time – something that simply was not possible not that long ago. So much has been disrupted and become unfamiliar. My interest lies in how social is the catalyst for so much of this change. How technology, culture, one’s mindset are inextricably linked. If I had to give this type of transformation a name, then for the moment, I might refer to it as – social business.

In terms of books and people who have helped to shape my thinking, then the Cluetrain Manifesto is absolutely key, as is Howard Rheingold’s NetSmart, Don Tapscott’s Wikinomics and the writings of Clay Shirky. And over the last year or so, I have been very fortunate to get to know Wendy Lea (CEO, GetSatisfaction) and I continue to follow her musings and thinking on social, leadership and life more broadly.

Twitter is definitely a primary channel for me (@guy1067) and have learnt more than I could ever hope to. I enjoy blogging, but it doesn’t come easily (@beingguy1067) and tend to write short somewhat philosophical posts perhaps, and LinkedIn, particularly the news channel, I am finding of increasing value and relevance to me.


I am a Social Customer Care/Social CRM consultant at IBM. My social journey began in earnest when I was the Customer Knowledge Manager at The Carphone Warehouse (@guyatcarphone), where I set up the use of social media within customer service. We used Twitter, YouTube, blogs and Facebook. I was also part of the team responsible for setting up the BestBuy UK call centre, with primary responsibility for the email management part. The work I did at CPW was written up in a report by Dr Natalie Petouhoff – How Carphone Warehouse Uses Twitter and Social media to Transform Customer Service. I’ve also been described as an ‘early adopter’ and Dr Dave Chaffey has very kindly described me in an article as one of the world’s leading thinkers on the use of social media within customer service.—————————————————————-

I also run a LinkedIn group – where social media meets online customer service – in response to what I felt was a distinct lack of information about this growing area of interest. I have also started a YouTube channel bringing together videos on social media customer service.

I was invited to be a Founding Member of BestServiceOne, the customer service specific portal of CustomerThink.com, am a Kred Leader in the UK, and a regular conference speaker. I was also fortunate enough to be asked by Blake Cahill to help him out with the first session of WOMMA-SOCAP Social Customer Care course run in August. Here’s my shiny certificate to show I also passed the course. As well as this I was asked by Econsultancy to be part of their training team for their Masters in Digital Marketing programme run in conjunction with Manchester Metropolitan University.

For my full profile please visit: Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/guy1067 or my Google Profile page: http://www.google.com/profiles/guy1067

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