I was reading Social Care in the World of ‘Now’ a moment ago. I don’t want to be snarky, and I have never met the authors before, but can’t we do better than this? That is a broader question that isn’t aimed at the authors of this piece either.

Six or seven years on from when social customer care started and we’re still talking in cliches, we’re still dealing in formulaic responses, we’re still talking about speed as if it’s something new, we’re still throwing out numbers as if they validate everything they touch, we’re still trying to make lists of three or five, still trying to make the words in the list all start with the same letter, we’re still talking about the need for clear strategies, we’re still talking about wowing your customer (and then killing them off by making it systematic) …

Please show me a company that isn’t aspiring to wow their customers, responding to their needs, having a clear strategy. Whether they actually do it or not is a separate issue.

The last sentence: “Social care empowers large brands to make meaningful and valuable connections with customers. But to build those bonds, companies need to focus on building the right capabilities.”

I get this, although I’m not sure that most customers want meaningful and valuable connections with large brands, but don’t choke social and the emerging service model with the very model that once served a purpose, but is no longer, on its own, fit for purpose.

Social is a catalyst that is cajoling companies, shaking them out of their stupor, as a by-product of how people are using it, towards creating a different narrative. Let’s get down off the camel and not stifle that narrative before it’s even had a chance to be told…