Someone told me we’re all social now.


Twitter – check

Facebook – check

WordPress – check / Tumblr – no

FourSquare – check / Gowalla – check (is it still going?)

Google+ – check

LinkedIn – check (even got a First Million badge, must be a real pioneer!)

Posterous – check (ok not very often)

Klout score – check / Kred score – check / PeerIndex – check (just to complete the triumvirate) account – check

#hashtags – check

Friendfeed – used to (who remembers Friendfeed. I liked Friendfeed, I think it’s still going)

Delicious – check

Instagram – check (but don’t tell anyone)

Flickr – check (but don’t tell anyone)

EyeEm – check (ok, so I haven’t posted a photo yet) – check / Spotify – check / – check / Grooveshark – check

Yammer – check (an old friend)

IBM Connections – check


I must be social


A thought crossed my mind

For the amount of time I’ve spent setting up and using all my different social accounts, how much time have I spent thinking about authenticity, empathy, trust, openness, collaboration, sharing…?

When was the last time I talked to you about collaboration? What does it mean to you? What does it mean to me? What does it mean to us? Have we agreed?

The lexicon of social


I am left with a final thought

How social am I really?