We spend so much time thinking about call deflection, setting up Live Chat, ROI of Twitter customer service, delighting the customer…

But I’m wondering how much time we think about what the future of customer service could look like? We are living in a period of huge change, where every day we are challenged by things that are new, different, faster, more convenient. Offerings such as – UshahidiZeeboxGoogle HangoutsLayarFacebook verbsStorifyMy6Sense – offer us tantalising glimpses into what that future could look like.

For each of us, these offerings will likely result in different responses predicated on different priorities, different concerns.  But whatever your response, whatever your priorities, whatever your concerns, the issue is not whether you ‘get social’, the issue is not one of cost savings, the issue is not one of ROI or a lack of senior management buy-in, but ultimately, whether you or your organisation ‘gets’ your customer.


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