I was having fish and chips the other day with my sons. The waiter came over bringing the menus with him. A few minutes later he returned to take our orders, placed the order with the kitchen, and then after that came back with a fishing game for the kids to play. The kids were delighted and it not only made a great distraction, it also was a welcome change from the usual colouring-in.

It got me thinking that even though this was a simple twist on distracting the kids while they were waiting for their food, they had obviously taken the time to think about this part of the meal. What was also great was that they had kept it within the context of fish and chips.

How do you fill your customer’s waiting time? What could you do to make it different or fun? How could social media make a difference to someone when they’re queuing in one of your stores? Or when their car is broken down by the side of the road and they’re waiting for one of your field agents to come and pick them up?