I came across Zendesk’snifty real-time support map‘ a moment ago. What I found fascinating was how they had taken a number of different applications and mashed them together to create ‘something more’: geo-location, real-time data, geo-coordinates and Google Maps.

What was even more fascinating to me, is how this ‘nifty’ concept could be taken further. What if you could show waiting times in the different locations, resolution times, names of the people dealing with the issues, the types of issues being dealt with, related issues, the ability to rate or recommend agents, the ability to offer help either virtually or physically if you are in close proximity, contact details of not only the people raising the tickets but the people resolving them and allow them to chat to each other, display live chat or #Zendesk Twitter streams alongside the maps, this could be extended to specific Zendesk #customer service  hashtags… now that would be ‘nifty’!


Zappos: real-time map of the deliveries across the US

BestBuy: Live mobile scan map. Best Buy place QR codes on all their products. When a customer uses the Best Buy app, or any other QR code scanner, they are shown the product details for the product they have scanned. The Best Buy – Live Mobile Scan Map uses Google Maps to show the latest real-time scans of products in stores across the US.