I often read about or get asked the question: Is social customer care scalable?

I don’t have a definitive answer on this, but I do, in my usual way, have some random thoughts on the subject. In no particular order:

What do we mean by scalable?

What is it we are trying to scale?

Conversely, what is it that we believe can’t be scaled?

When we think of ‘scale’, are we thinking about it in terms of increasing the number of agents to meet peak demand times? Are we thinking about the need to increase the skillset? Are we thinking about a lack of trust, a loss of control or issues of ownership?

The barrier or challenge to scale social often seems to focus on either a perceived loss of personality or individuality, or the inability of an agent(s) to respond to the perceived deluge of tweets that might come in. Why is answering emails or the phone scalable, but Tweeting or responding to Facebook comments isn’t? Do you really understand the nature or characteristics of the different mediums? Are you asking the different platforms to do too much?

Is #Twelpforce scalable?