A colleague of mine @RichardSedley tweeted about Fuselab’s Montage the other day. ‘Montage’ is a new ‘web-based service that makes it fun and easy to create and share a visual album of the web on the topics you care about’. So I decided to give it a go and create a ‘montage’ or ‘A visual social customer care primer‘.

The value in doing things like this is that it forces you to make decisions about what you consider to be important in a particular topic. What took the longest for me to decide was not choosing which videos or images, but actually what aspect of social customer care to depict and how to depict that in a visual way.

After a few iterations, I finally came up with the idea of a ‘primer’. And then it was simply a matter of choosing who some of the major figures and companies were, the events (okay, disasters) and tools that have shaped the use of social within customer service.