I was recently chuffed to be interviewed by Dave Chaffey (SmartInsights) about the past, present and future of online customer service. Dave asked me a number of questions including:

Q1. We all know that many customers are using Twitter or Get Satisfaction to “self-serve” their queries. But how important is it? Will most people still pick up the phone or head for the Help section of the company?

Q2. I’ve mentioned the two of the more common service options. What have I missed? Is Facebook used for service or complaint often?

Q3. Examples of using Twitter, Get Satisfaction to help manage customer service often feature retailers like Carphone Warehouse or Best Buy. How relevant is it for other sectors?

Q4. How do companies who get this refine the way they manage customer service enquiries?

Q5. What is the future potential of web self-service? Are any mobile apps gaining importance?

And here’s my various responses.