I’ve given myself 25 minutes to write this blog. It’s now 08:36, and in 25 minutes no matter where I have got to, I am going to click the ‘publish’ button.

I’m not one for overt loving, but today, as it is a #ff, I’m going to share a bit of love. Last night I was fortunate enough to get a ticket to hear @amayfield (do we use real names anymore?) talk about web shadows – your online identity. I’ve heard Antony talk before about this concept, and even been lucky enough to share a keynote session with him. We’re still not sure what qualified us for talking about metrics, but hey, it’s a topsy-turvy world, and we’re all experts or gurus now anyways.

Each time I’ve heard Antony speak I could tell he knew his stuff, was passionate about it, but for some reason I simply couldn’t quite feel it. Last night during his talk Antony said two things that were really telling for me. The first one was that he could actually talk about what he wanted to talk about, and the second was that he was essentially a storyteller.

Last night I finally heard Antony the storyteller talk about the idea of web shadows with the undoubted passion that he had when he first began his journey writing a book about it.

It’s now 08:46.

So what was the impact of this on #DigitalSurrey‘s web shadow? While Antony’s focus was on the web shadow of the individual, there is no reason why this shouldn’t translate to a business, an organisation, an event, a book…anything that has an online presence.

08:55. I obviously reached a minor writer’s block there.

Time will only tell, but the associations have already been made.  I can see that the NMA picked up the story about Antony speaking, I can also see that Andy Piper (@AndyPiper) appears there, so there’s a halo effect also cascading onto some of the people who attend these events.

Web shadows can be both positive and negative. They are in the end an account of the life, albeit one part of it, that we live, have lived, continue to live. Each one adding another line to our eventual public obituary (where did that come from?).  These snippets into our lives are at times willingly surrendered, unwittingly submitted, by ourselves, by others.

09:07: I’ve failed to keep to time – a modern affliction…