I was at the European Customer Experience World conference in London a few months back talking with @janeyfranklin about social media metrics from a company perspective (what do I know about metrics?!). But as I was reflecting on the event with her I suddenly had one of those eureka moments. It came to me – the universal social media customer service metric. I’ll share it with you, and just you, so don’t tell anyone else. Anyway, without further ado, here it is.

Number of followers x Number of tweets per day x Number of calls per day x Number of emails per day x Number of calls received via IVR x Number of followers following Stephen Fry (if USA – replace with Ashton Kutcher) x Number of daily RTs x Number of repeat calls x Number of call centre agents x Number of agents handling social media x Time to respond to Tweets x Emails answered within SLA x Calls answered within SLA x Number of angry customers per day via phone x Number of abusive Tweets per day x Average number of calls dropped per day x Average number of emails left unanswered at the end of each day per day x Average number of total contacts received per day x Average number of total issues resolved per day x Average number of total issues unresolved per day x Number of complaints found on Four Square x Number of complaints found on TripAdvisor x Number of complaints resolved on FourSquare and TripAdvisor x Number of comments on Facebook customer support x Number of customers who blog about you x Number of people who help answer your customers’ queries x Total customer service agent minutes lost to restroom breaks per day x Total number of YouTube views per day x Total number of blog comments per week by customers x Total number of internal calls made to find the right person to answer your customer’s questions x Total number of positive feedback you receive per day (This is weighted because positive feedback must be worth more than negative feedback, so award yourself another 37 points for each positive comment) divided by Cost of an average cup of your favourite coffee from Costa Coffee (USA readers can replace this with Uncle Peet’s)

So there you have it! It’s taken awhile, but I know it’s been worth the wait for you. So if anyone ever tells you that you can’t measure the ROI of delivering customer service through social media, then tell them not any more.

Oh and by the way, the secret to this formula is knowing what you want to measure before you actually start. You’ll save yourself a lot of time and coffee…