I once lived in a world where a friend was someone I had got to know over a long period of time, might have even gone to school with them, would tell them my inner most thoughts perhaps, show them my vulnerabilities, get drunk with them, dance in a fountain with them, perhaps even sing karaoke with them.

I once lived in a world where a tweet was a sound a bird made.

I once lived in a world where a follower was someone who accepted the leadership of another (sorry, I’ve resorted to Google for that definition).

I once lived in a world where people knew my by my name – Guy Stephens.

I now live in a world where I get introduced as @guy1067, who has 1,801 followers, 2,579 tweets and a whole multitude of friends (99% of whom I’ve never met!).

And the thing is I’m still likely to share my innermost fears and vulnerabilities with these new found friends, whom I’ve never met and am unlikely to ever meet, without even raising an eyebrow.

Singing karaoke, however, may just be a step too far; even amongst friends!