I am due for my car insurance to be renewed soon and I am currently being courted by The AA. I obviously filled out a form for an estimate with them last year, but ended up going with someone else in the end.

I received an initial email with a quote that was based on the information I provided last year. A few days after receiving that email I also received a speculative one about taking out home and content insurance with them. My initial surprise was now beginning to turn to mild annoyance. I haven’t agreed to one, before they immediately try to tempt me with something else. The flipside to this, is that I was quite impressed with the fact that they even remembered me; albeit in an automated kind of way.

Anyway, the main point of this post was that, in each case, the emails were all digitally signed by ‘Andrew Strong’, their Chief Executive. So what’s the problem? Not a problem, more a thought, well a small thought really.

If you are going to automate an email or a series of speculative emails (nothing wrong with that), wouldn’t it be more appropriate to match the type of email with the right level of person? Is the Chief Executive the right person to be signing speculative emails?

Speculative emails, by their very nature are, in a word, speculative. Hasn’t he got better things to be doing than sending emails to people who aren’t necessarily committed to using the services of his company? Far better, in my mind, should I choose to do so, that he sends me an email to thank me for taking out insurance with his company. At least then I have made a commitment and it would be great to get a ‘personal’ thank you from him.

At the end of the day, I also know that he has no real idea who I am anyway.