I recently bought some business cards from Moo.com and thought the whole experience was fantastic. I loved the small touches – the ‘yay’ sticker etc. I only did it because someone gave me a card which entitled me to a 15% discount with my first purchase.

When I got my cards, I also received three discount cards which I could pass on to my friends entitling them to 15% off their first purchase.

I then thought to myself for a moment that in some ways Moo was no different to other retailers out there. Often concentrating their efforts on getting new customers and not sparing a thought for existing ones who will run out of their cards at some point. Perhaps I’ve been premature and they’re saving the surprise for later.

It’s not that I always expect to get something for being a customer, but once in a while  the recognition would be nice.


An interesting aside for me was also that I was really impressed with a service and experience that at no time involved any human contact with Mo0 itself!