We’ve all bandied the words ‘best practice’ around at some point like some self-justifying mantra. The mere mention of these two words like some magic spell that immediately protects the success of the project that we are working on. But please don’t follow ‘best practice’.

At a time when social media is giving each of us the possibility to express our individuality, and the tools to voice our differences and opinions, best practice does its best to water everything down into a homogeneous mush of sameness. At a time when the only differentiator is the history of your relationship with your customers, best practice does its best to nullify that, that one brief moment of competitive advantage. Don’t waste it.

Be different, celebrate your difference. Be you.

Make your customer service different. Smile where others frown. See complaints as opportunities to engage, to converse, to pursue something mutually better. Remember each customer and their history, where others might simply treat that ‘moment of truth’ as a production line divided into three minute blocks.

Don’t be indifferent. Be memorable. And leave the best practice to others…

AudioBoo: Do your own thing, don’t follow ‘best practice’