I often see this question posed by companies who are looking at social media customer service and are undecided whether they should get involved in it. My response is simply this: that’s exactly what you are doing now – nothing. So, how is it affecting you?

  • Have your customers stopped asking you questions because you are doing nothing?
  • Are your customers complaining more because of it? Less? The same?
  • What is it you feel you are missing out on by not being there?

For me, it’s more about trying to understand whether social media is relevant to the way in which you engage with your customers. Will it add anything into the equation – for you or for them?

At the end of the day, social media is simply another channel. You should apply the same criteria to it as you would to evaluating any other channel. The use of social media within the customer services paradigm isn’t exclusive. It’s not about using social media platforms such as Twitter, whilst ignoring email or the phone. It’s  about trying to understand where Twitter fits in (if at all). And if it does fit in, where can I best use it to engage with my customers. What can it do and what can’t it do. For example, Twitter is great for acknowledging and establishing contact with a customer in need, but to resolve an issue email or phone is probably better suited.

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