I took part in my first webinar this morning on the use of social media within customer service. I was kindly invited by the Customer Services Network to share some of the experience I’ve gained over the last ten months or so from using Twitter to provide customer service. What was interesting was the medium of the webinar. Having never done one I really didn’t know what to expect. Once I got used to the way submitting a post worked, and how to respond to specific questions, I found that the time passed incredibly quickly. I don’t think I’ve typed so much or thought on my feet so much in such a short space of time. What was also strange were the pauses in the proceedings. When I was typing my responses, it was up to the person chairing the session to fill those gaps. I quickly became aware of the need to submit my responses part way through writing them, rather than trying to wait until I had finished answering fully each question. It was also necessary to keep going back to ensure that I answered any questions that were submitted when I was answering another one. What is also interesting is that you are not in control of the situation. Other people submit questions which you have no idea about, similar to a Q&A session I guess. What’s different, is that people can’t see you response as you type it.

I really enjoyed the experience, but it is very different to presenting or tweeting.