Admittedly I’m new to it, but I am absolutely astounded by the power of video. We set up a YouTube channel at work publishing short help and support videos for customers and colleagues in stores. The videos for the most part provide helpful tips and hints. We also ask our customers what help videos they would like to see. What I have found interesting is the following:

  • how popular video is. Take the example of the unboxing of the Sony Ericsson Satio. In a little over a week it has had over 3,000 views. We have done nothing to publicise the video apart from a bit of tweeting every few days.
  • how quickly you can create a video. We can turn a video around within 2-3 hours.
  • that content can be more important than visual appeal
  • that people accept and understand the level at which you are trying to pitch something. For example, our videos are all produced by the help and support team. One member does the filming, another the voice over, and another provides their hands! These are not professionally shot videos.
  • that you can create videos to reflect the customer journey. For post-sales, we have the ‘unboxing & getting to know…’ videos. While for the ‘lifetime’ videos, we have our ”help nuggets’. We will add ‘pre-sales’ into the mix at some point.

At last count, the SE Satio unboxing video had 3,302 views in just over a week. We also provide a link back to the actual product page on our web site, should someone want to find out more about a particular handset.