We live in a world in which we all seek to leave a legacy to our children. For me on this Blog Action Day, there is only one legacy that truly matters: the wellbeing of the world that we leave to them to be guardians of. We will leave to them a world that will be a little more worn at the edges, a little bit dustier than when we were born from the countless footprints scuffing its surface. A world that has been witness to and continues to witness all the shades of human experience and emotion from untold bloodshed through to unbridled joy. It is our collective responsibility to teach our children, to show them, to arm them with the necessary tools that will enable them to do the same for their children.

As we approach the climate change talks in Copenhagen on 7th December it is imperative that all our voices are heard. Climate justice must not simply be reduced to a political or environmental issue that is discussed behind closed doors amongst politicians. It has become a highly charged and complex issue that pits the needs of developed countries against those of developing nations. And yet, I can’t help but think, that actually our collective future is not theirs to be negotiated on, leveraged against or bartered for. We must not become apathetic bystanders simply trusting or believing that our representatives will do the best that they can for us, when that best is only intepreted in the lexicon of politics and economic necessity.

We must arm our children with the words, the belief, the faith, the trust, the humility that it can and must be better for all of us. That we are not our own worst enemies, that we are capable of safeguarding and protecting not only our own future but those of subsequent generations, that we are responsible enough to accept the gift that is the world that we live in every day, use every day, walk on every day, eat from every day…it gives us our life, the least we can do is fight for its future.