I was putting together a slidedeck around Twitter a moment ago and thinking about what metrics we could use to judge the success or efficacy of using Twitter as a customer service channel to answer and resolve customer queries and complaints.  For the sake of this post, I’m going to leave anything to do with brand aside for the moment as this brings in a whole new level of interpretation and complexity.

In no particular order and this is by no means a definitive list, so please feel free to add your own comments about what could be added in to the mix.

Inbound tweets, Outbound tweets

Resolved tweets, Unresolved tweets

Unresolvable tweets, Ignored tweets

Open tweets, Closed tweets

First time tweeters, Repeat tweeters

First time tweet resolution, Escalated tweets

Tweet-to-email resolution, Tweet-to-phone resolution, Tweet-to-other channel resolution

#cpwtwelp hashtag-generated tweets, non-hashtag generated tweets

Tweet group: customer service, sales, marketing, brand, spam/noise

Tweet type: complaint, informational, RT, DM, query etc

Twitter-email deflection ratio, Twitter-call deflection ratio

Time of day

Cost per tweet resolution vs Cost per call resolution vs Cost per email resolution Cost per IVR resolution

Time to respond to a tweet

Twitter SLA

Number of active tweeters