This post is a first, actually it’s a second, but I put that down to the perils of a beginner. I somehow deleted my first attempt at a blog on the move.

I have been using an iPhone for about two weeks now and it has without doubt opened up for me a whole new world of possibilities within online help and customer service.

Geography and time difference are no longer the barriers they once were. I can literally help or provide customer service at anytime and from anywhere.

I was on the train home, a journey of about 50 minutes, time enough in theory to provide help and support to whoever might need it via Twitter or some other platform.

Imagine though if a company could harness the collective knowledge of its customers who are willing to share their knowledge as and when they feel like it. Or a Google or Microsoft creating a global help and support platform drawing on the collective knowledge and experiences of us all; people helping people on their way home on the train or on the bus or wherever they might be…nothing stopping us except an empty battery!