I was ordering a pizza for the kid’s dinner today from Dominos in Farnham. I’ve always thought they had a great web site – it’s simple, easy to use, does exactly what it’s meant to do, and has some nice little touches that give it a bit of a personality. 

What was great about the experience was what I wasn’t expecting – getting something free. The choice of garlic bread or chicken strippers. I have no idea what chicken strippers are, and I’m sure they probably taste of chicken, so I opted for the garlic bread. It’s not that garlic bread in itself is anything special. It’s the fact that it was unexpected, offered without asking. It was a gesture, and I appreciated it.

Do I expect it every time? No, absolutely not. That would take away from the ‘power of the unexpected’. And sometimes, that’s what great customer service is about: the power of the unexpected. That small gesture offered without prompting. It’s a bit like a smile, a hello, a thank you, an I’m sorry. Small gestures that don’t happen very often, but are immensely powerful.