I’m trying to renew my car insurance at the moment. What’s great is that I can do the whole thing online. What’s not so great is that it takes forever and just to get a quote I have to fill out the same information over and over and over again. Why can’t you have a ‘quick quote’ function, an express form that asks the basics, and then gives me add-ons depending on what I want. Something that takes no more than two minutes.

Until I actually want to buy from you, you don’t need to know my name and telephone number. Start thinking about it from a customer’s point of view. And why is it that your online deals are different to your telephone deals? I research online and find a price, and then perhaps prefer to speak with someone when I come to actually buy it or simply to confirm some details, and yet I end up with a completely different price and in some cases totally different questions to answer.

And please if you are going to do an automatic look-up on my address, make sure you have my house number! Perhaps you might like to read Luke Wroblewski’s book – Web Form Design: Filling in the Blanks, there’s probably a LinkedIn group or three you could join as well!

Please think about me, your customer.