The Carphone Warehouse contact us section is typical of many businesses that have designed their web pages from the ‘inside out’. Thankfully – huge sigh of relief – from a customer perspective this approach is gradually changing to ‘outside in’. Companies, such as Carphone Warehouse are embracing the notion that actually if you provide a positive online experience it will add to the emotional bank of goodwill a customer  invests in a particular brand.

The current design is great for reporting purposes – you can find out whatever you want to know to the nth degree about how many emails and letters are coursing through the system at any one time. We have some 335 possible queues that an email could go down! 

Quite simply, I need your collaborative input to help guide me/us to designing a better experience for people who need to contact us, particularly email. Part of this is understanding how you would want to receive the answer to your problem or query – email, via the web site, SMS, contact centre etc (What works best in which channel?).

For example, if it’s a query to do with billing, would you prefer to speak with someone or are you happy with getting an automated email response. I know it depends, but send me your thoughts on the matter.

For a bit more background information, we’re looking at moving from a department-based approach to dealing with correspondence to a skill-based one. By this I mean that if someone emails in a complaint with multiple issues how do I make sure it gets to the right person? If it were you how would you think to send the email in? 

  • Would you pick any option and just send it in?
  • Would you look to go to the highest point of contact ie. CEO?
  • Would you use an option called – multiple issues – if it existed?
  • Other?

All insights, observations, comments welcome. Feel free to email me – Guy Stephens – at, using the subject line: help me help you contact us