Bought a Ben 10 Omnitrix watch from Argos for my son for Christmas. As far as I know, my son has never watched a Ben 10 cartoon at home, but apparently it’s all the rage in the Reception year playground. What I was amazed at was how easy the whole process was. I had bought from Argos before and was stealing myself for a long wait.¬†

Research: online – Google search, Google shopping, Amazon, Argos. Decided to buy it from Argos. Did a store check, they had three in stock. Reserved it online, but would pay for it and pick it up in store.

Purchase: Duly wrote the reference number down. Went down to the store, saw that there were lots of people queuing up. Happened to see a kiosk in-store that allowed me to purchase it, get the receipt which told me which queue I needed to go to and how long it would take – five minutes.

Went to ‘queue A’ handed the receipt in, and two minutes later was handed my son’s Ben 10 Omnitrix watch. ¬†Walked out very happy and very satisfied at a great customer experience. Amazing, since I only came in to contact with one person – the one I handed the receipt to, and for literally a second or two.

What it shows is that it doesn’t take human contact to have a good experience, but it does require that your expectations are exceeded. The unfortunate (or fortunate) thing is that expectations are fluid, and for some businesses they are lower and for some higher.