Customer 15 :: CPW love

You’ve just been given a BlackBerry from work and on your way home on the train you try to set up email on it. You do a search on the internet and miraculously find some step-by-step instructions on the Carphone Warehouse web site on how to ‘Set up email on your BlackBerry‘. You’re feeling very pleased with yourself at this point. 

You’ve had a quick look at the instructions and there don’t seem to be too many steps involved. You’re ready to start setting up email on your BlackBerry.

Customer 30 :: CPW love

You start creating your account. Fortunately, you’ve got the BlackBerry box with you, so you can easily find the PIN and IMEI numbers. You get as far as you can and then finish off setting up email when you get home.

Customer 40 :: CPW love

You’re feeling really confident now, a bit cocky even. You now want to work out how to ‘Transfer personal information from your PC to your BlackBerry‘. Once again, you go back to the cpw web site. You follow the instructions online and some minutes later you’re happily transferring data across to your BlackBerry. You’re now feeling as if you’re soaring above the clouds. And you can quite believe alll those stories you’ve heard about how difficult it is to set up email on a BlackBerry. 

Customer 40 :: CPW 40

You’re now back on the early morning train back into work and you want to ‘Synchronise your BlackBerry with another Bluetooth device‘. You go back to the cpw web site and quickly find what you’re looking for. You have a quick scan and see that there are 18 steps involved. Shouldn’t take too long. You look for a link to email the page to yourself, but that doesn’t seem to exist. Undeterred you carry on. And then it hits you that you can’t read the instructions and make the changes to your BlackBerry at the same time. Your options are:

  • call customer service to take you through the 18 steps. You discount this as you would have to keep switching between listening to the instructions and carrying them out. 
  • write out all the steps – easy enough to do, but your train’s almost arrived. Discount this step.
  • wait until you get in front of another device so you can read the instructions or print them off. Seems the best option.
  • keep switching between the instructions and your last step. Discount this as it’s impractical.

Final point

It raises an interesting point that for all our technology there does seem to be a bit of a practical  problem when trying to read instructions and implement them on the same device. So what are the options?

Audio instructions. Possible, but not for anything too complicated, and you would need to be able to sort out some way of pausing and starting the instructions. 

Keeping the instructions on top while you implement them. Seems plausible enough, but you would need to be able to move the instructions around or minimise them.

Have the instructions sent to another device. Many people have multiple devices these days.

Deliver a proactive customer experience. When a customer buys a BlackBerry or is given one at work, why not email them the ‘core or basic functionality’ they are likely to want or require, and begin to manage the process of building up their knowledge and familiarity of their BlackBerry?